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To create such a world we need to collaborate, we need to build on the values of togetherness, tear down the boundaries that have separated us from nature, from ourselves and amalgamate the best parts of humanity. 

Remember how to grow our own food, build our own homes, cure our own ailments and sustain ourselves without destroying our earth. 

Learn to shape this world so future generations inherit a thriving, dynamic earth that we can work with instead of against. 

A world where all men, women, children, plants, trees and wild-life are equal. A home moulded by our love and mutual respect. A place where we can be free to grow together guided by our one true custodian - Mother Earth.


Calling all innovators, adventurers and dreamers. We are building a self-sustainable community pursuing the birth of a fresh take on society and our world but we can’t do it alone. We have all got a part to play which is equally significant in realising our collective dream. 


The universe has brought you to this page for a reason – the question is, why?


The Dream

During the times that are so challenging for mankind we truly find out who we are and what we want from this incarnate experience. We witness the brutal character of our world, the sadness, the loss, the thirst for absolute control over mankind by insidious creatures. Our entire being reacts, the fires within ignite, we seek to change this decaying old world with every intrinsic part of us, in search for a fairer, kinder world where character is currency and love for ourselves, each other and Mother Earth is held in the highest regard. 

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