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Zelf Liefde..

A little girl gazing at the celestial skies..

Eyes mesmerised by the glittering stars..

Whispered to her father..

“Papa - I want to be like the stars..

Everyone loves them and thinks they’re beautiful”..

The man held his daughters soft, little face within the palms of his strong hands..

And stared into her enigmatic eyes and said..

“My dear - you are your brightest, most beautiful star in the sky..

You have the heavens and the waterfalls of infinite stardust flowing through you..

Look within and you will find all the contentment you will ever need”..

The words worked their way into the curious little girls mind..

Finding their home within her heart..

She smiled and said “Papa - you are beautiful too”..

The man’s face creased into a youthful, cheeky grin..

“I know” he said..

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