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We told you so..

Quick to dismiss truth as you pull up your sleeves..

Choking on the fear porn that has built your beliefs..

That the benevolent government is protecting your health..

Never realising they’ve hypnotised you into suiciding yourself..

You’re in a pandemic, because you believe what you’re told..

Celebrating genocide as a cure for the cold..

You’ll be obeying lockdown until your old in the tooth..

Criticising those with courage who just ask for the truth..

No excess mortalities, the pandemic’s on TV..

You won’t fight for freedom because you’ve never been free..

Instead you wear muzzles like unruly hounds..

Your ignorant compliance knows no bounds..

You have your brain prodded by a toxic test..

Defending the butchers as they lay you to rest..

Mocking us because we’ve been bothered to look..

At this immoral world built by nonces and crooks..

History will witness how you voluntarily died..

Virtue-signalling ignorance, blinded by pride..

I’m tired of making excusing for so-called men..

Voluntarily bending over to be fucked time and again..

It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad..

That you lot in your muzzles have been royally had..

Yet we will still see you as friends and not foes..

Taking no pleasure that “we told you so..”

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