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We fight..

We fight to preserve our divine freedoms..

With knowing in our hearts..

And fire in our lungs..

With beings glowing in truth..

We carry the flaming fluorescence of mankind..

Igniting a fairer world..

A revival of a thriving humanity..

Where kind strangers offer their hands..

And each life is valued..

More than life itself..

We fight not to be silenced..

To be able to speak the ugly truth..

Revealing the easy lie..

We fight by raising frequency..

Simply breathing into the vibe..

And surrendering to the flow..

We win by choosing to smile..

Lighting up our contagious magic..

So all can smile too..

We fight by focusing on the infinite part of ourselves..

Letting go of the rest..

Our fight starts with the passion within..

And spreads to the world without..

We fight today..

So our children won’t have to tomorrow..

For them we give our last breath..

We fight as free men and women..

And by God that is how we will die..

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