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Unite & Conquer

They want to divide us..

They hope we turn against one another..

Too long have we fallen for their treachery..

For their lies..

We have laid down our reasoning and logic..

To become slaves to material competition..

Conditioned so our subtle differences become a threat..

Enough to turn friend into foe..

Yet the tide is turning..

The sea is roaring..

Soon truth will wash over us..

Taking those attached to falsity with it..

Into the void of ignorance..

I see you brothers and sisters..

I know in my heart you are me..

And I you..

I hear your cries of loneliness and despair..

I share your pain and confusion..

Remember we are together..

Never forget we are a force to be reckoned with..

We are the architects of a new, kinder world..

So hold on and I will hold on too..

Dig in your heels..

Stand strong in your values..

Let love and truth guide your actions..

For after all is said and done..

That is all that we are..

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