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Our being only knows truth..

It is the light that runs through our bodies..

The strength that fused our bones..

It is the knowing behind our eyes..

Fear not of being outcast..

Have no concerns to fit in..

Truth never seeks popularity..

Never asks to join in..

Truth stands alone in all its pure humility..

Safe in the knowledge..

It need not sacrifice itself for material gain..

Truth never aims to please..

Truth will shelter you from the harsh winds of the cold winter..

Truth will light the fire in your heart..

That will carry you when you can’t go on..

Truth is the shield of the warrior..

Never lose sight for when truth rides with you into battle..

You need not one other ally..

The long victory my son is guaranteed..

Our paths will be interwoven in truth..

And we shall meet at the place..

Where honour will kneel before us..

Our home..

Where men become lions..

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