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To dream..

I dream of lands where the sun never sets..

Each day..

Like the last..

Dancing in the orange blossom of gratitude..

Days composed by the celestial tuning of the divine mechanic..

Lost in the bliss of it all..

Travelling everywhere and nowhere..

Experiencing every inch of the existential eloquence..

I dream of a world where character is currency..

A cosmic collaboration..

Where each of our strengths are celebrated..

I dream of sharing our soliloquies..

Until they spawn humanities song..

A poetic pitch harmonising our differences..

Until we are one..

I dream of watching our children explore the freedoms that we fought for..

With truth in our hearts..

A simple life in balance with our Mother Earth..

I dream of dozing in the swaying fields of contentment..

Knowing nobody goes hungry again..

The humble abode of humanity..

Built by the hands of abundance..

I dream of a world where man’s greatest adversity..

Becomes his most precious ally..

Discovering from the blessed darkness..

What even light does not know..

Whittling his wisdom out of charred wood..

‘Til the essence stares back at him..

I dream of lands where freedom, equality and justice..

Mean more to us than our material gains..

I dream of a world created by hearts overflowing with love..

To dream of this heaven on earth is to manifest..

As I rest my head..

I know..

I shall see you there..

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