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The fear virus..

What if we are right and we’ve been fed a dangerous lie..

It’s actually about control - the virus as a guise..

What if our politicians are forever financially tied..

To the apron strings of big Pharma whose shares they’ve set aside..

What if our media is owned by exactly the same men..

Who seek to fulfil an ideology that has failed time and time again..

What if this was our last chance to stand together and defend..

The freedoms our ancestors fought for - so we need not face the end..

What if this was the beginning of a world full of love..

Would we smile through the fear - take off our masks and gloves..

Tune into our hearts discernment - knowing enough is now enough..

And remember we’re all stardust composed by heavens just above..

We fight for truth, for justice and the chance to be free..

To look beyond the hysteria so we may finally see..

That we’re connected by magic - one soulful family..

And know we’re fighting for the freedoms that belong to you and me..

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