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The fear to walk alone..

Fear does funny things to people..

It makes them forget..

Who and what they are..

Hypnotises them..

Chews up their rational minds..

Clouds any chance of empowered decision..

The media and your governments..

Have filled you up to the neck with fear..

So much so..

You’re choking on it..

Fear of getting ill..

Of dying..

Of losing loved ones..

Justifiable fears..

Irrational yet justifiable in the grand scheme of things..

Then there’s the fear of standing out from the crowd.

Of being different..

Being so afraid of not fitting ..

That there’s only one choice..

To comply with the status quo..

This herd hypnotism..

This desperate need to fit in..

Will have you restrict your breathing..

Through a muzzle dripping with bacteria..

Hiding your humanity from humanity..

Forcing your innocent children to do the same..

Hiding their pure, divine expressions from one another..

Disconnecting them from the world..

Because their parents lack courage..

Lack insight..

And choose ignorance over individuality..

The path of the herd is shallow..

Superficial and blinkered from light and truth..

It chooses fear over love..

Pride over humility..

So much so it can never look back at change..

Instead marches on into righteous oblivion..

Taking its desperate children with it..

Dragging them away from nature..

Into the artificial reckoning..

Disguised as the greater good..

The collective unhumans..

Brainwashed into sacrificing themselves..

And their kin..

For the badge of social morality..

Worn with foolish pride upon their chest..

Cowardice hidden behind superficial nobility..

A misinformed arrogance..

Meekly guarding astounding ignorance..

Beady eyes full of damning virtue-signalling..

Peer over their muzzles of morality..

Searching for another victim to prey on..

To chastise for having the guts to walk their own path..

So caught up in ‘doing the right thing’..

Never realising their illogical compliance is destroying humanity..

Which will one day hold them accountable..

The humans who will sacrifice their own children to social responsibility..

So completely brainwashed they will march full of pride..

Into the slaughterhouse..

And with their last breath they will scream to the top of their lungs..

A defence of the butchers who sent them there..

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