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The dying beast..

Everywhere we go..

You rain down your fear upon us..

Reminding us how weak we are..

And in need of saving..

You’ve hidden our reason..

Beneath a sense of social responsibility..

Buried our rational minds..

Under a mist of panic..

Seduced us by whore celebrities..

Who you’ve always slyly handled..

Repeated time and time again..

That our healthy bodies require your toxic intervention..

The attempts of constant blackmail and collective pressure..

Coercing us to taste the Kool-Aid are cheap cunning..

Convincing minds to squint with suspicion..

At their own divine instruction..

Saturated our sensibilities into servitude..

Succumbing us to treat each other as a threat..

Disempowered us with your devilish tongue at every turn..

Taught us to look outside..

For the truth that lies within..

The inhumane hold on humanity..

You have done all this and more..

And yet..

We are still standing..

More than that..

We are marching to victory..

For your acts are not the acts of success..

They are the deeds of a dying beast..

Decaying, decomposing..

The wretched smell of departure..

Witnessing one world diminish into the dark abyss..

Whilst another emerges from the rotten void..

Our fear is making way for excitement..

Isolation becoming togetherness..

Fatigue igniting the fires of faith..

Do not fret my friends - nothing can defeat us..

For we were born for these times..

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