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Call it God if you like..

Name it the sky, the moon, the stars..

Let it be the soft breeze that graces your face..

Allow it to be the seas that carry you home..

Bathe in it until you are part of the celestial pool..

Overflowing with gratitude..

Bond with the eloquence in everything..

In the sweet wisdom of the trees whispering connection..

Roots reaching out into every rich facet of being..

The wind blowing earths memories..

Across the sands of time..

The thunderous, rushing galaxy..

Attached to nothing and everything..

A metaphysical game of marbles..

Life straddling death, giving way to life..

The mystical duality..

Where each grain of stimuli spawned from stardust

Is its very own message from the heavens..

A delectable disco for the senses..

Too complex to understand..

When seen from the mind of the mortal body..

But felt all the same..

The deliberate dualistic dream that is life..

Where every sadness is happiness waiting to become..

Each fear dying to be born love..

A subtle silence shrouded by a mystery..

Waiting to be revealed..

Gifted the unique and exquisite experience of existence..

For being able to love..

For being loved..

For love..

An opportunity to truly soak up every ounce of feeling..

From the quantum foam of the fantastical..

Saturated in the celestial softness of self..

To be lost in the bliss of it all..

Now and forever..

As one..

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