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Rise & rise again..

There will be times where all but seems lost..

As though we are sailing head first into the oblivion..

We will have moments when the darkness seemingly shuts out the light..

Our love will be tested beyond worldly means..

Our faith will be challenged like never before..

We will be reduced to feeling like we cannot go on..

As though all hope is lost..

And yet right here is the moment..

We truly find our strength..

We breathe into our power..

And remember why we are here..

For these are the times..

We find out who we really are..

This is the age we were born for..

We are here to change this world..

With love as our armour and truth as our guide..

We continue marching forward..

'Til each man, woman and child stands in their divine freedom..

Come their monsters and armies of darkness..

For nothing can stop the light..

Whatever the adversity..

We rise and we rise again..

Until love conquers all..

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