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Rebel hearts..

You are the future..

The guiding light of mankind..

Pioneers and innovators..

Architects of a fairer world..

We look to you for inspiration..

To teach us new ideas..

For the previous ways are failing..

The old world is dying before our eyes..

It’s up to you to build a new one..

With your just hearts and rational minds..

Your intellect and adventure..

Curiosity and compassion..

To plant seeds of abundance and equality..

That create forests rich in freedom and liberty for all..

But first you must pass the test..

The greatest challenge of your young lives..

To look beyond the comfortable narrative..

And pursue the ugly truth at all costs..

To find the courage to stand alone..

In all your sovereign tenacity..

Knowing in your heart you’ve explored all viewpoints..

Making decisions based on information from all sources..

For it is the weak and hypnotised that follow the herd..

You are not cattle..

You are not robots..

You cannot be persuaded by the constant propaganda..

You will not be stopped by simple peer pressure..

For you are worth so much more..

With your formidable abilities of discernment..

And soul-soaked intelligence..

Rebel hearts blazing with bravery..

To ignite the new world..

To breathe life back into humanity..

The question is..

Are you ready?

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