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It’s a strange thing..

Being reacquainted..

Remembering how it was..

How I was..

In fact - how we were..

Connected to it all..

Every bit of it..

Each and every sparkling particle floating by..

The very grain of existence..

In us and around us..

The cosy quilt of quintessentialism..

The intrinsic detail and simple beauty..

Glittering stars playing nightly..

In the great theatre of the sky..

Owning their roles..

As we do ours..

How we’ve forgotten..

As I sit by the mountainside..

I feel a connection..

A belonging..

I am ‘it’..

And ‘it’ is me..

One and the same..

I listen to the water running by..

And feel it running through me..

Each our own unique stream making up the great seas..

Separate pieces of the poetic puzzle..

A proclamation of perfectly imperfected presence..

The omnipotent universe embodied in mankind..

Silent and consistent..

Patiently waiting for us to remember what we are..

As mankind slowly awakens from its ancient slumber..

Our multi-dimensional selves stepping into the light..

I know in my heart the time is now..

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