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What does it mean to be human?

To be a child of God?

The collective incarnate in the body of one..

Each summoned by the subtle silence of source..

A realised expression of unique adventure..

To play our significant role..

Awoken each day by the sanctuary of the constant sun..

Resting our eyes under the secretive, scintillating stars..

To walk our unique paths..

And yet be the same..

United by the majestic hand of the divine..

The same masterpiece painted with different strokes..

A kaleidoscope of cosmic colour and conception..

To be reborn with every breath..

And celebrate the wonder of life..

Over and over again..

Lost in the art of consistent distinction..

Discovering self in the arms of us all..

We may be strangers..


Hearts recognise one another..

We are one..

And yet we are all..

Where we may start out in difference..

In love..

We will always remain kin..

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