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One day..

I take no solace in being right..

There is no celebration in victory..

My losses are great..

And I feel yours too..

I wish you had listened when you had the chance..

But it wasn’t meant to be that way..

Your path is woven by cosmic intelligence..

As is mine..

Both dancing across astral plains..

Pirouetting amidst celestial smiles..

Celebrating our isms..

That moulded our magnificent maladies..

Always together yet just out of reach..

It doesn’t make it any easier..

I’ll still mourn your decision long after..

There is some comfort though..

Knowing that my standing for truth..

Brought an end to unnatural tyranny..

I know somewhere in you, out there..

You admire my tenacity..

And in a place not yet known to me..

Deep within..

I find acceptance in your sacrifice..

Where we go from here?

Who knows..

I guess it doesn’t matter..

As long as love remains..

One day..

We’ll meet again..

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