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Never give in..

At times it feels as though the path we walk is shadowed by loneliness..

As though everyone we love is heading in the opposite direction..

Our friends, family and those closest to us at best quietly think we’re crazy..

And at worst genuinely believe we are a threat..

It costs a great deal to walk in our shoes..

But truth and freedom know no bounds..

Or pay no debts so we must keep going..

We must wake each day knowing deep in our hearts.. that

We were created to arrive on this planet for this exact moment..

To make a difference..

We must fully embody the warrior strength..

And march into battle, armoured in the golden light of truth..

For there is no greater weapon..

Nor no greater purpose than truth..

Those who choose deceit and fear will fall upon their own swords..

We will be there to pick up the pieces of this broken world..

And together build a new one where love is the prevalence..

Go into tomorrow knowing you are loved and are love embodied..

This world and your brothers and sisters need you more than you’ll ever know..

Stand strong my dear friends..

The future we dream of is almost here..

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