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Love is the reason..

Love is the reason for starting a new day..

For always marching forward and never looking back..

Love is the juice that fuels existence..

Pumping through the veins of us, and our earth too..

It’ll give you the wings of an eagle..

And allow you to soar to another perspective..

Or ground you like solid rock..

Love roars like a lion..

And bites like the alpha dog..

We do what we do for love..

Screaming injustice from the top of our lungs..

Because love told us to..

Crying ourselves to sleep at the world’s pain..

Hearts overflowing with love..

Love showed us the world is a tough place..

And then taught us on how to change it..

It is forgiveness wrapped in compassion..

Patience sprinkled with humility..

Unconditional and infinite..

And yet..

Love is fierce, burning anger..

The ‘don’t fuck with me or mine’ eyes..

True and steadfast..

Love is the freedom we strive to reach..

And the truth we search high and low for..

Love is the subtle explosion that flattens the archaic paradigms..

The powerful whisper that mutes controlled mouths..

Love conquers your fears..

And hands you your freedoms..

Love is abundance..

The original frequency of it all..

Simply put..

Love is..

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