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I tried..

I sat up with the moon many nights..

Chasing truth through the shadowy underworld..

Gritting my teeth to never, ever look away..

Allowing my heart to hold the grief of a dying world..

So I may help heal our home..

I hunted facts and dug up suppressed science..

Busted through the illusionary lies..

Freeing the truth for those who could hear it..

An explorer back from the depths of hell..

I shared my findings with you..

Praying you would connect the dots yourself..

Instead I met with the sad realisation of your righteousness..

The rich ridicule of ignorance staring with hypnotised eyes..

Hiding behind your cognitive dissonance as though your life depended on it..

Never realising your blindness was seducing suicide upon you..

I begged..



Until the little air I had left could only sustain my own battle..

You couldn’t hear me because you have already gone..

Our paths were once one..

But now they’ve split exactly as they’re suppose to..

Mine, on a continued quest for truth, for love and for unity..

And you to a place which I pray is gentle with your demise..

To learn to let you go is a grief that will never leave me..

And yet I already know it well like an old friend..

When all is said and done..

And we meet one day further down the road..

Beyond form and time..

You will look me in my shiny eyes..

And you will know I tried..

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