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I choose..

I choose to shine bright..

Let my wild roar bellow might..

To stand and fight..

I choose to not get married to the blues..

And not become confused by the cryptic clues and points of view..

About who we are and what we should do..

To each day live life anew..

See I’ve heard my calling from within distant stars..

Breathing in the stardust from afar..

Affording me celestial wisdom..

To join the cosmic dance..

On my path with fierce precision..

My higher power gifting my decisions..

I choose to let go of earthly ties..

Make peace with the part of me that dies..

Eternally attached to the loving divine..

Giving my heart to strangers..

So we may become kin again..

Share our pain and dance in the rain..

I choose to live this life to the full..

Back and forth, push and pull..

Both my way and the high way..

I make my choice today..

I choose..

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