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Golden touch..

The words wrap around you like a summer breeze..

Filling you with a confidence you all but forgot..

Eyes full of love and kindness meet your own at an even keel..

Reminding you how important you are..

Celebrating your rich existence preordained to arrive right on time..

And by God you have done..

Exquisitely, intricately..

Perfectly purposeful punctuality..

Not a moment too soon..

To lace up your gloves and spit out your fear..

Open your heart and give all that you can muster..

Sharing the warrior spirit..

Igniting your dormant fires until you are blazing in glory..

To awaken and stand, in the most primal show of strength..

To pick up your sword of truth..

Adorn your shield, hammered by words of love..

Sun-kissed by the golden touch..

To smile with knowing..

To grit your teeth with courage..

And lift up those who have fallen down..

To carry the burden of the weak and the blind..

Respecting each journey as your own..

The tougher it goes, the tougher you get..

Digging in your heels of absolute non-compliance..

Staring down the attempts to disempower you..

Laughing at the weakening agenda to enslave..

Comfortable in your heart..

That this was how it was supposed to be..

For that is why you are here..

To change the world and make a difference..

However big or small..

Every act counts..

So I ask..

What are you waiting for?

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