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It comes sometimes in the thick of the night, wraps around you like the moody sky.. Dense and deliberate..

You can start your day covered in it’s contagious stench..

Carrying it with you..

Polluting and intoxicating as you go..

You can identify with it..

Invite it in..

And befriend it’s wicked seduction..

Allowing it to reattach to the parts of you of days gone by when you first met that fearful gaze..

It can bury you deeply within the prison of your own freedoms..

Shackle you to the cosy coffin of your comfort zone..

Trap you within the paranoid void of irrationality..

The master salesman hoodwinking you into believing his pitch..

Until the coffers of your life force are empty..

Ever indebted to trudge the powerless road alone..

On the other hand fear gives you a wonderful opportunity to transmute negative energy..

To feel it with all your power..

Look it dead in the eyes..

Holding it in your steely stare..

Not getting too close to it and never pushing it away..

Most importantly owning it with the strength and honour of the silent warrior..

So it may never know your kin..

Letting it fuel your courage to carry you into each chapter of the story..

Honing it like a sharp blade that has served you in all your battles..

Learning it’s melancholic song and changing it into a knowing smile..

To find the poetic balance that allows love to meet it..

So fear in turn..

Can become love again..

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