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Coming & Going..

What we call life is but a dream..

A blink of an electric eye..

The blowing sands of time..

Floating by but never landing..

The intrinsically tailored train..

Passing through life’s painted platforms..

Each of us with a ticket to ride..

The divine conductor signalling our destined destination..

But, only when it’s our turn..

As we wait and watch the passing of others..

Whom in our hearts we hold so dear..

How do we reconcile that painful loss?

Of those vanished from our limited reality..

Perceived as missing in blindness..

Beyond the reach of conditioned senses..

Yet something hangs on..

Of which, will never let go..

Piggy-backing our adventure..

Guiding us with their own..

A heart connection so strong..

It straddles worlds..

Bridging the void of formed departure..

Having never left..

Only dissolved deep within..

To continue their life in ours..

A golden thread of knowing..

An ultimate test of trust..

The faith that nothing dies..

For where can we go?

When here is all there is..

And will ever be..

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