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Bring it on..

As I stare into the abyss of confusion and despair..

I wonder how we ever got here..

I think about the planet and the state it’s in..

At the pollution, starvation - how cheap life has become..

Our water is poisoned, as is our food and air..

Our minds are no better..

Conditioned to attend to the fear..

The meddling, critical parent who cannot see the positives..

Only reaffirming the irrational - that everything has gone to pot..

Almost addicted to the negative frequency that has become self-harm..

The battlefield within our minds where victory is sensation..

We are in the midst of the Great War of our times..

The natural world versus the demonic, digital age..

Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better..

We’ll have to learn to sit with the darkness and patiently wait for the light..

But we’re not afraid anymore..

We beat our chest and grit our teeth at each and every new Draconian measure pretending to protect us..

We laugh and growl at the futile attempts to imprison mankind..

For what is the worst they can do to us?!


Bring it on..

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