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Born free..

We didn’t come this far to now back down..

See these tumultuous times we stand and face..

Were spawned by our longing for a just world..

The conjuring of a collective dream..

The dissolution of the gavel of greed controlling our existence..

Breaking the chains of our captive consciousness..

To embrace our rich realisation..

For we were born free you and I..

To ponder beneath our ancestral stars..

And wilfully wander across the plains without prejudice..

To climb beyond the conceivable..

Sowing subtle seeds of a simple life under bucolic skies..

Weeding out the complication of yesterday..

For the flowering freedoms of tomorrow..

To swim in the seas of sovereignty..

And drink from the well of emancipation..

The long road to liberty is not for the faint-hearted..

Yet we have come this far my friend..

And I give you my word as my eternal bond..

We will reach the promise land as free men..

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