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Ancient tears..

I cry these ancient tears so you won’t have to..

Repairing ancestral lines with dogged precision..

And digging up the buried pain with nostalgic consideration..

Shielding you from the expired monsters that no longer serve us..

To learn new ways that love would be fond of..

My tender teachings teaching me truthfully..

In the hope you will see the real me..

Above the sadness, beyond my mind..

And know I give you my heart wholeheartedly.

It is the real me who strokes your head softly..

Singing you to sleep with sonic presence..

Eagerly awaiting to start another day with you..

Celebrating life as though everyday was your birthday..

You know your Papa is busy moving mountains..

But he never forgets it is all for you..

You, my girls, are our everything and more..

You make us whole in a world coming undone at the seams..

To show us how to stitch a new one..

One we can lay softly over all our kin..

So we may all sleep peacefully..

Your Mama n me made real love in you..

And we thank you for arriving right on time..

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