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Your arrival bestowed upon me a heavenly gift.. A chance to be all that I could be..

To outrun my fullest potential.. And two for the price of one..

I was never one to do things by halves.. You’ve challenged me to look into parts of me buried years ago..

During my own colourful beginnings.. I’ve travelled into my deepest patterns..

And grappled with the beasts of our sweet inheritance..

So you won’t have to.. I’ve dragged myself through the quagmire of fear..

Over the trenches..

To do battle with anything that doesn’t serve love.. You, my angels, are my greatest teachers..

You have taught me patience and humility..

Shown me the balance of power and grace..

So I may walk a man..

In the truest sense of the word.. Heaven sent maestros..

Summoning the breaking of my heart..

So I may love again.. You are the cosmic conductors of my connection.. The whispering wisdom of worlds..

That Papa all but forgot.. My little mates with grazed knees and cheeky smiles.. To be in your presence..

And hear your laugh..

Is to walk in heaven.. To be with you two..

Is to be at one.. You are what love is.. Simple, pure - abundant.. I will lay my life down for you at the blink of an eye..

Swear to protect your purest hearts..

Whilst getting to know my own.. I will fight the monsters that seek to do us harm..

For you my dears and for all our children.. Fear not..

For man is slowly waking..

To remember the giants we once were..

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