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Spawned from stardust of celestial song..

You and I come from heavenly planes..

Where separation is unknown..

We embody this sensuous adventure..

It is all we know..

For now..

We walk hand in hand together..

Yet, we may never meet..

Our eyes gaze upon the shared dawn sky..

Beings twinkling with excitement at the new day..

We breathe the same summer air..

Kissed with moisture from our mother..

Our feet tread the very same ground..

Connecting our being through rich roots..

Woven by hands of the divine..

Yet at times we disregard our unity and feel alone..

But how can that be?

Is alone not all-one?

Are we not tied together by cosmic chords of creation..?

Each embraced by the rhythmical puzzle of manifestation..

Fear not for we are it all..

And it is all us..

The needle and thread of infinite existence..

Knowing no bounds..

One cannot be alone in love..

For love is all around us..


But I ask you to not just feel love..

Go one step further my son..

And be love..

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