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I am..

I am the spark that ignites the flame..

The silver moon on the darkest of nights..

Lighting your way home..

I’ll burn your ears with my truthful tongue..

Leaving you begging for the comfortable lies..

I am the bloodied soldier who left it all on the field..

The smell of victory still hanging in the thick air..

You don’t know me and yet I’m always familiar..

The friend from another time back to pick you up..

I’m the courage that you’ve forgotten..

I am the freedoms that you have thrown away..

The stranger in the crowd who catches your eye..

I am the roaring sea that will carry you to the sacred lands..

Beyond the wars of soulless men..

In your darkest moments I am the light guiding your path..

I am the strength when you have given up..

The armour of love protecting your kin..

I am the truth disintegrating deceit..

The compass of integrity always in reach..

I am survival when all is but lost..

The justice awakened from the unjust slumber..

I am the faithful warrior returned to breathe hope..

Your brother in arms fighting to the bitter end..

I am all of this my friends..

And so are you..

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