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Submerged in the age of information..

Dizzy and confused by the constant feed attacking our minds..

The saturation of sensation..

Fear addicts fighting to be first to share the fix..

Glued to the treacherous technology in the palm of their hands..

The nauseating narrative of negativity..

Craving the buried truths whilst picking through the lesion of lies..

It’s easy to get lost in it all..

Easy to forget what you are..

As we enter the age of remembrance..

Of how the earth once was..

We collectively dream and manifest a purer world..

Where our multi-dimensional selves turn up in all their power and grace..

For now is not the time to procrastinate in the palsy pool of pessimism..

With rigid focus on the toxic timeline that is fading into the void..

Hands and minds tied to the anonymous future..

Agony designed by the troubles yet to be..

For nothing is set in stone..

They have their plan built by evil minds of fear and deceit..

But by God we have a plan too..

Cast by love and truth..

Carried by the wings of infinite gratitude..

Now is not the time to fret..

Hold on to your hats my darlings..

For now is the time to fly..

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