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‘Dear Danny’ was spawned from my instinctive thirst to connect with people, to discuss, debate and challenge one another. 

Ever since I was a young whipper-snapper I’ve never been able to shut my mouth which has frequently gotten me into trouble. I have always found people’s characters interesting too. What makes people tick. What makes us so similar and yet completely different. 


During the ‘pandemic’ I made a couple of videos communicating my perspective on the current shitshow and the content seemed to connect with people, perhaps offer them an alternative to the mainstream narrative. One thing led to another, I began making videos almost daily and before long I had quite an audience.  


I have never been a fan of ‘social media’ as I truly believe it is the antithesis of being ‘social’ but in this day and age it is a useful tool to connect with and communicate awareness. However I don’t trust the creatures that own these platforms so the ‘Dear Danny’ website was born. 


Here I hope to bond with people on a much deeper and freer manner than ‘un-social media’ and their ‘speech police’ could ever offer me. 

I see this platform as a space where I can be uninhibited to share whatever comes to my heart and mind. 

From videos, to poetry, into podcasts, and even private sessions. The possibilities are endless and that’s what excites me most. 


Anyway, explore for yourself.


Much love, 



Dear Danny
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